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不间断电源 单相UPS 25节电池
单相UPS 25节电池
Single-phase UPS 25 batteries

  单相UPS 25节电池KND-UD系列不间断电源是根据国家及行业要求,采用完美的电路设计和先进的 工艺,各项技术指标均达到极高标准。适用于计算机业务终端、网络服务器、网络设备、数据存储设备、 应急照明系统、网络监控及网络系统、医疗系统及大型计算机网络系统集中供电等对电源的可靠性要求高 的场所。

    Single-phase UPS 25 battery KND-UD series: Uninterruptible power supply is developed in accordance with state and industrial regulations, which adopts perfect circuit design and advanced process with all technical indicators reaching very high standards. It is suitable for the business terminals of computers, network servers, network equipment, data storage devices, emergency lighting systems, network monitoring and network system, medical systems and large computer network systems, which have extremely high requirements on the stability of power supply.
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技术参数 Technical parameter
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