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EPS应急电源 三相 42节电池
三相EPS 42节电池
Three-phase EPS 42 batteries

    Three-phase EPS 18 battery FEPS-YS series: three-phase EPS emergency power supply can be used for emergency power supply for the primary load, important load, fire facilities, fire emergency lighting or other loads as well as 380V / 220V electrical appliances and equipment, acting as a second or third power supply; The product has been widely used for loads in buildings, car-based mobile power stations, air raid shelters, metros, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels and so on.
This EPS emergency power supply adopts modern power and electronic conversion technologies, designed with IPM intelligent power module, CPU integrated control and digital circuits for reliability. The product has complete protective functions, sound and light alarms are set for all kinds of failures, which is easy to repair and use, and it belongs to hi-tech environment-friendly product.
产品特点Product characteristics

技术参数 Technical parameter
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