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     js333国际线路检测是河南省高新技术企业,河南省软件企业,河南省***民营企业,河南省科技型中小企业,潜在瞪羚企业。是我国较早专业从事消防应急电源、电力用高频开关直流电源和远程监控系统软件的研发、生产、销售和技术服务的骨干企业, 也是河南省***一家拥有自主知识产权的EPS研发、生产、销曾、服务一站式企业。公司产品涵盖了消 防、电力、网络、军工、广播电视、交通、税务等多个行业领域的电源供给。先后为政府机关、部队、消 昉、电网、临、科研单位兼户提供一站式产品刖路深葡户的信赖。

     As a Henan new high-tech enterprise, Henan software enterprise and Henan excellent private enterprise, Zhengzhou Kenengda Technology Company is one of the earliest backbone enterprise specialized in the R&D, production, sales and technical service of firefighting emergence power supply, electric power highTrequency switching DC power supply and remote monitoring system software, and it is the only one-stop enterprise integrated EPS R&D, production, sales and service having proprietary intellectual property rights. The products of the company covers the power supply in firefighting, electric power, network, military project, radio & television, traffic, tax administration and other multiple industries. The company successively provides one-stop products and services for governmental organizations, army, firefighting, grid, railway and research and development institutions, deeply trusted and supported by customers.

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