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EPS应急电源 单相 16节电池
单相EPS 16节电池
Single-phase EPS 16 batteries

    单相EPS 16节电池KN-D系列单相EPS应急电源是根据我国民用建筑、工业建筑消防规范的要求,采 用完美的电路设计和先进的工艺,各项稣指獭达到国际标准。应急电源是现代建筑安全保障瞄的重 要组成部分,在正常电源被迫切断或电网停电、发生火灾断电等种种特殊情况下,为保证人员的安全撤离 和救援工作,应急照明显得十分重要。本产品广泛应用于高层建筑、酒店、商场、医院、学校和地下防控 工程等。

    Single-phase EPS 16 battery KN-D series: single-phase EPS emergency power supply is developed according to fire protection requirements for civil and industrial buildings, which adopts perfect circuit design and advanced process with all technical indicators meeting international standards. Emergency power supply is an important part for the security facilities in modem buildings, and it becomes extremely important to guarantee the safe evacuation of staffs and rescue in case of power break or cutoff of normal power supply or state grid, fire or other special reasons. The product has been widely used in high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and underground protection projects。
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