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不间断电源 三相UPS 42节电池
三相UPS 42节电池
Three-phase UPS 42 batteries

    三相UPS 42节电池KND-US系列不间断电源是根据国家及行业要求,采用完美的电路设计和先 进的工艺,各项技术指标均达到极高标准。现已广泛应用于:矿山、航天、工业、通讯、国防、医 院、铁路、航运、交通、电厂、变电站、核电站、消防***报警系统、无线通讯系统、暨交换机、 移动通讯、太阳能储存能量转换设备、控制略腴紧急保护系统、个人计算机等领域。
    Three-phase UPS 42 battery KND-US series: Uninterruptible power supply is developed in accordance with state and industrial regulations, which adopts perfect circuit design and advanced process with all technical indicators reaching very high standards. Currently it has been widely used in mining, spaceflight, industry, communications, defense, hospitals, railways, shipping, transportation, power plants, transformer substations, nuclear power plants, fire safety alarm systems, wireless communication systems, program-controlled exchanges, mobile communications, solar energy storage equipment, control equipment and emergency protection systems, personal computers and the like.
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